by Ric

Hi, my name’s Ric, and these are my three favorite ladies: My partner Melanie and our two floofballs, Minty and Betsy. We’ve had so much fun getting to know these little ones that it’s inspired me to blog about it.

Ric, Melanie, Minty & Betsy
The day we get a shot of the four of us looking at a camera simultaneously is the day we buy a lottery ticket.

My story

I have been a fan of animals ever since I can remember. I’ve always seemed to get along with them easily.

I didn’t grow up on a farm or anything like that; I actually had a typical suburban upbringing. But we always had dogs and birds around.

Fast forward to adulthood; I moved into my apartment way back in 2004. Although it’s reasonably spacious for the area, it certainly wasn’t a place to keep dogs, so that was not an option.

Many years later, Melanie moved in. After an extended period of being pet-free due to both a) the apartment restrictions and b) a disastrous end to my finch breeding a few years earlier (a story for another time), Melanie and I decided to look into rescue kitten adoption.

Prior to this, neither of us had actually had that much experience with cats, to be honest. Both of our families had favored dogs for most of our growing years, so cats just weren’t particularly on the radar up to that point.

Why cats now?

A few years back, I passed up the chance to temporarily foster a cat for a month. I would have loved to have done it, but I didn’t know the first thing about cats. I just wasn’t confident in my ability to do the job.

Ever since, the “what if?” thoughts would spring up on occasion. One day I started to take the idea a little more seriously.

I put the idea to Melanie, who, although initially reluctant, eventually warmed to the idea. In early 2016, we spent a few months visiting animal shelters in the hopes of finding a kitten that ‘chose us’, so to speak.

Finally one in particular did. 9 week old Minty, named “Fiona” at the time, an immediate stand out to us with her outgoing, friendly personality. She just seemed to outshine any other cats we’d met up to that point. We adopted her on the spot.

Minty soaking up that sunshine.
Minty soaking up that sunshine.

In 2017, a little ginger kitten named Betsy had repeatedly caught Melanie’s eye in a rescue pets Facebook group she followed. We decided to go and meet her. Things went very well, and soon Betsy became our newest family member.

Betsy doing a spot of gardening.
Betsy doing a spot of gardening.

So far, so great!

I can speak for both Melanie and myself when I say that letting these two into our lives has been nothing short of amazing. It’s been such a hugely rewarding experience, and we just love them to bits.

They have such quirky, individual and complex personalities that you couldn’t invent if you tried, yet share some common traits across all breeds of cat, big and small.

We have learned so, so much from these two, and they continue to surprise us every day.

Why did I start this blog?

During my time as a cat dad, plenty of questions have been raised about not only Minty and Betsy, but cat lifestyle and behavior overall. I’ve spent quite some time trawling the internet for answers.

There are a some really great resources about cats online, but boy, there are plenty of not-so-great ones out there too.

In general, I’ve found that if the topic you’re researching is broad enough (cat breeds, for example), there is plenty of reliable information readily available.

But if you’re looking for answers to something more specific, (like, say, what to feed older cats with bad teeth) there can be a lot of useless information to wade through, only to be none the wiser for having read it. Frustrating!

Enter catcarer.com

Now, I’m no cat expert (your job is safe for now, Jackson Galaxy) and neither do I pretend to be. I didn’t build this blog with the intention of becoming the ultimate gospel according to cats…yet. *insert evil laugh*

What I did want to do is compile my discoveries in a kind of “digital scrapbook” of sorts; basically what I would love to find when I have cat-related questions.

My goal is simple: To provide a worthwhile resource for other cat owners by sharing my personal experiences, research and opinions.

Basically, if I can save you some time in finding answers, allow you to learn from my mistakes, or even just give you a chuckle here and there, then catcarer.com has done it’s job.

The site is ultimately for you, the reader, so if you have any suggestions or requests for future content, get in touch.

In the meantime, enjoy the site!